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Curtis Wool Direct Ltd are the largest buyers of wool through the British Wool Marketing Board auction system. In addition to their direct farm and auction buying businesses in New Zealand, Curtis are exclusive merchants of Viking Wool from Norway which is supplied directly by their shareholders Nortura (a farmer co-operative with a turnover in excess of 2.5billion Euros). Curtis buy wool from virtually all wool growing nations (over 40), including Ireland and are able to supply greasy, scoured or combed wool from 16 to over 40 micron.

The scouring and combing plants in Bradford are unique. The environment is a top priority and all wool scoured and combed at Haworth is done so under ENco Certification. This can be passed on to customers and through to retailers or contractors who demand eco friendly and green credentials for their products. Haworth is registered with the Soil Association and has GOTS accreditation. British wool scoured at Haworth has an excellent Life Cycle Analysis and along with ENco Certification it makes it an unrivalled industry leader.

Continuous investment in new plant, equipment, research and development in new techniques, applications and processes continues to give wool supplied by Curtis an advantage over its competitors. With a capacity to scour up to 1,000,000kgs of wool each week and the ability to supply from stock the company has the quickest turnaround from an order to shipment to a customer than anyone else in the industry.

A team of dedicated wool traders are on call day and night and orders have even been taken in mid-air! No job is too small and no order is too large. Curtis pride themselves on offering their customers a service second to none and constantly strive to improve all aspects of their operation. Council members of HRH the Prince of Wales Campaign for Wool, instigators
of Shetland Wool Week, enthusiastic marketeers and champions of wool from around the world we thank our customers for their loyalty and support and we assure them of ours.

With origins dating back many years as leading exporters and importers of raw wool which led to Curtis Wool Holdings Ltd being awarded The Queens Award for Export Achievement in 1983, the company now prides itself on meeting the deadlines required by our customers for quality and consistency throughout our whole range of products.

Wool Buying and Processing

Curtis Wool Direct is now the largest buyer and processor of British, Norwegian and Real Shetland wool as well as being a major buyer of wool direct from the farm gate in New Zealand. The company buys and processes wool that originates from all over the world.

Haworth Scouring Company

The Howarth Scouring Company

With a scouring capacity of 1,000,000 Kgs a week, Haworth Scouring Company (wholly owned by Curtis Wool Direct) can meet the total scouring requirements of the UK industry. With the most modern and up-to-date equipment including a state-of-the-art effluent treatment plant, we are ready to meet the future needs of the industry and the environment. Haworth Combing Company benefits from efficiencies resulting from it being located on the same site as the Scour. We specialise in combing British, Norwegian, New Zealand and Real Shetland tops as well as other speciality types.

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